[mythtv-users] mythbox won't even beep on boot...

Tony Rein trein at one.net
Sun Jul 3 12:51:35 EDT 2005

On Sunday 03 July 2005 09:59 am, Korey Fort wrote:
> How old is your motherboard. You're motherboard may be dead if you don't
> get any post codes, but it really sounds like a hardware failure somewhere
> between the power supply and the motherboard. I had this problem with a box
> before and it turned out that the motherboard was dead.
> "Let ye without segmentation fault cast the first int!"
> Korey Fort
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> Have had my knoppmyth-box running non-stop for 5 days now, working
> flawlessly, recording every show I want. Today when I turned on the
> TV I couldn't move around the menu, also tried with a keyboard and it
> was totally locked. So I just force-rebooted.
> Booted up fine and I went to watch TV, but when I switched channels
> it locked down again, so I rebooted again. Now it doesn't boot at
> all, it just sits there and not even making a boot-beep when I turn
> on the power. No display on the VGA or the S-video out.
> If there was a serious problems it would beep on me, right? It used
> to do that anyway. Any way to reset this? I hope I haven't lost all
> my programs saved on the drive...
> /Oskar
Just a wild stab -- I had this happen once and it turned out that the 
115V/230V switch on the power supply was in the wrong position. Luckily, the 
power supply was smart enough that it simply refused to turn on, instead of 
frying everything!

This probably isn't your problem, since you'd already booted it successfully, 
and you'd probably know if you'd moved that switch. But still, have you 
checked it?


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