[mythtv-users] Known good surround sound cards?

Patrick Vaughan patrick_a_vaughan at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 2 20:52:22 EDT 2005

It's a Chaintech SKT600's onboard sound.  Another poster said that he's seen 
onboard audio that uses the other stereo ports to support surround sound.  I 
had thought that the "external codec" was probably dependant on Windows 
drivers.  I downloaded the manual and it says "With external high quality 
5.1-channel AC’97 Codec", "Complete software driver supports for Windows® 
OS" and "Optional S/PDIF out function".  And that's ALL it says about it.

Either way, I've never liked onboard sound.  I've always noticed noise from 
the bus (clicks or static when video, com ports, or hard drives are being 
used).  Someone else suggested the TurtleBeach Riviera, and I think I'm 
going to go with one of those.

>Sorry, I missed the original post, so you may have already given some
>of this info.
>What kind of board is it? If it doesn't have spdif output on the board,
>is there a header for it that you could buy a bracket for? Some
>soundcards do this, put the spdif on a header and sell a connector, and
>it would seem odd that they say they support "external codec" and don't
>really have a way to support it.

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