[mythtv-users] HD capture via Component/RGB/DVI incoming at 720i

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 2 23:30:22 UTC 2005

--- William <wmunson at rochester.rr.com> wrote:

> Currently your only options for capturing hd from sat are to buy a hd
> dvr
> from directv/dishnet or to spend the money to have one of the few
> supported
> boxes hacked to add firewire support. The hack info was posted to the
> list a
> couple of months ago so you should still be able to find it in the
> archives.

Nope.  The hacked DirecTv HD receiver (http://www.169time.com) is NOT
supported by Myth. It does not use a standard protocol but would
require a Myth dev to customize the "recording" process to talk to it. 
No such customization has been done to date, to my knowledge.

> HD support in mythtv for anything other than OTA is sorely lacking
> and
> limited. Even ota broadcast signals cannot all be captured as most
> good
> content is encripted.

Nope.  Broadcast content ("OTA" -- over the AIR) is NOT encrypted. 
There are provisions to encrypt broadcast over CABLE.  The Broadcast
Flag is a bit that, when set, is supposed to tell downstream devices to
not allow the content to be saved in the open.

My personal opinion: Use Myth to snag recordings over the air.  If
satellite/cable people don't want us to have their signals, oblige them
by not signing up.  Frankly, TV is a giant wasteland anyway and we'd
all be better off if we turned it off and read a book.

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