[mythtv-users] Hauppauge pvr-350 or pvr-500

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 17:55:11 EDT 2005

> I will be using the HTPC into a flat LCD screen with DVI in. If I use DVI
> then the hardware decoder of the 350 is irrelevant, but what is the heat/noise
> tradeoff for software decoding likely to be using the AMD processor?

I think you may be a bit confused about your components. All of the
x50 cards (and the 500) are hardware encoding. The difference is that
the 350 does hardware decoding, which is completely irrelevant if your
sending the signal out through DVI.

Support is best for the 250/350, which have the same capture
circuitry. People have got the 150/500 cards working, but with a lot
more tweaking around with ivtv.

> It has to be a PCI-E card, which I think limits me to ATI and Nvidia, and,
> at first glance the ATI's with passive cooling seem beefier than the Nvidia
> ones (where all but the lowest spec cards have nasty, whiny fans). I had
> an ATI card before that I was pleased with, but have read that picture quality
> is better with Nvidia. Any suggestions?

Some models of the nvidia fx5200 have CRT, S-video, and DVI out with
passive (heatsink) cooling. I picked one up in the bargain bin at
Microcenter for around $50, but you should be able to find a new one
for $65 or less.

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