[mythtv-users] tv_grab_uk_rt: config file is empty

Daniel Polak daniel at sys.nl
Sat Jul 2 16:13:15 EDT 2005

I just added the UK Radio Times grabber to my setup (I already run 
another grabber for the rest of my channels).
After my first grabber has done its thing mythfilldatabase says:
config file /home/mythtv/.mythtv/SkyDigibox.xmltv is empty, please 
delete and run me with --configure
------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file
Updating icons for sourceid: 2
Updated programs: 0  Unchanged programs: 0
Failed to fetch some program info

It looks like mythfilldatabase can't find SkyDigibox.xmltv but this 
still happens after I've run:
/usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_rt --config-file 
/home/mythtv/.xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf --output 
and then run mythfilldatabase.

Does anybody know why tv_grab_uk_rt.conf won't work?


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