[mythtv-users] What bitrates do you use?

Fedor Pikus fpikus at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 14:37:11 EDT 2005

I experimented with bitrates in recording profiles to see what
bitrates give acceptable quality. The results were rather surprising:

1) For PVR350 recording profile, I have to specify bitrates over 10000
before I stop seeing differences in quality. This gives me 4GB/hour

2) For transcoding to MPEG4 I tried different bitrates including 6000
and 8000. At 8000 I don't see any quality loss, but transcoded file is
almost as large as original file. For 6000 I clearly see motion

These bitrates are much higher than whatI normally use, say, with
mencoder, and with no quality loss. Why would this be?
Fedor G Pikus (fpikus at gmail.com)

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