[mythtv-users] Recording the wrong program on the wrong encoder?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jul 2 11:54:52 EDT 2005

Piers Kittel wrote:

> I've got 2 TV tuners on my MythTV box - they both can receive exactly 
> the same programs, but I've created 2 sets of channels each - i.e. 
> encoder 1 has channel 1: BBC1, channel 2: BBC2 and so on.  And encoder 
> 2 has channel 1001: BBC1, channel 1002: BBC2 and so on.  It all works 
> fine, I can choose which TV tuner to use for different programs, 
> MythTV always record the correct channel from the correct TV tuner.
> Anyway, there's a certain rubbish soap shown on Sundays on Channel 4 
> that I want to watch, and I prefer the 2nd TV tuner, so I set MythTV 
> to record Hollyoaks Omnibus from channel 1004 at that specific time.  
> But for the last 3 weeks, MythTV has been recording ITV from the 1st 
> encoder (i.e. channel 3)!

Channel 3?  Typo?

>   I checked the recording schedules, it clearly shows "Channel 1004" 
> but the "Scheduled recordings" list, it shows it will record Hollyoaks 
> from channel 4?!  And no, there is no clash, there is nothing else 
> scheduled to be recorded on the whole day.
> Using MythWeb, I click on "Recording Schedules" and it shows:
> T4:Hollyoaks      1004 - Channel 4      Default      Default      Find 
> One Weekly
> Then click on "Scheduled Recordings"
> 1      T4:Hollyoaks      4 - Channel 4      Sun Jul 3, 2005 (10:20 
> AM)      2 hrs 35 mins      Don't Record      Never Record
> Note, it says 4, and on encoder 1 - should be 1004, on encoder 2!
> Hmm, playing around with it, it seems that all other programs on 
> Channel 4 has the same problem.....
> "Recording Schedules" shows:
> Channel 4 Racing from Sandown Park and Haydock Park      1004 - 
> Channel 4      Default      Default      Once
> "Scheduled Recordings" shows:
> 1      Channel 4 Racing from Sandown Park and Haydock Park      4 - 
> Channel 4      Sat Jul 2, 2005 (02:00 PM)      2 hrs      Don't 
> Record      Never Record

Myth is smart enough to identify when channels on different input 
sources are the same channel, so it knows that 4 and 1004 are the same.  
That maximizes it ability to get all the shows you want.

> Other channels works just fine:
> "Recording Schedules" shows:
> Wimbledon 2005      1001 - BBC ONE      Default      Default      Once
> "Scheduled Recordings" shows:
> 2      Wimbledon 2005      1001 - BBC ONE      Sat Jul 2, 2005 (01:30 
> PM)      2 hrs 30 mins      Don't Record      Never Record
> See, the channel numbers matches up fine, and encoder 2 is selected.

The difference is not the channel--it's the recording rule.  Because 
it's a record once, it records that particular showing.  If it were a 
find once (or record always, etc.), it might record from the other encoder.

> Any ideas anyone?  I'm starting to miss my weekly Hollyoaks fix!

Aren't you getting it when it records on channel 4 (or was the 3 above 
not a typo)?

Setting up the different channels is not accomplishing anything.  I 
recommend deleting the 10XX channels and reassigning the input on 
encoder 2 to the same as encoder 1.

If you want to prefer a specific encoder, you should do that with 
encoder priorities.

If it's only this show that you want on that encoder, it gets much 
harder.  I don't think there's any functionality to allow specifying the 
encoder for a particular recording.  If you can make a good argument why 
it's necessary (instead of picking the "best" available encoder--where 
best is defined by encoder priorities), you might be able to convince 
someone to send in a patch.



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