[mythtv-users] Remote to use w/ EPIA M10000

Matthew Phillips mythtv at mattp.name
Sat Jul 2 04:59:41 EDT 2005

On 01/07/2005, at 11:24 AM, Pane, Chris wrote:
> So – Today my motherboard arrived and I realized I hadn’t come up  
> with a remote control solution. My prototype myth box as a mast/ 
> slave PC with a PVR250, and I got lirc working with that. My back  
> end in my real deployment will be that same PC, with the PVR250  
> card being used for PVR Functionality, but since it is not part of  
> my front end, is of no use.
> So my question (Which I am currently researching as I type).
> What are people with EPIA m10000 doing for remotes

I ended up using the remote that came with the VisionPlus DVB card.  
It's base station makes it look like a USB keyboard so, rather than  
setting up LIRC, the thing is to remap application keys to match the  
remote. Myth, mplayer and xine all let you do that, so it's worked  
quite well. It sounds icky, and I was planning on putting in a  
"better" solution, but this has worked surprisingly well, so I'll  
likely not bother.

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