[mythtv-users] Another commercial MythTV box

Michael Carland mcarland at bitsgonewild.net
Fri Jul 1 01:11:57 EDT 2005

On Jun 30, 2005, at 6:01 PM, Gabe Rubin wrote:

>> There are plenty of lawyers doing things that hurt this project, I'd
>> think this would the time one could be used to help the project, and 
>> go
>> after those that are violating the terms of the agreement.
> I think zap2it is fully capable of enforcing their own rights.
> Nevertheless, no one here would have standing to sue on behalf on
> zap2it.

Sorry, wasn't clear. I wasn't implying that someone other than zap2it's 
legal department should handle it, but that unlike most of the other 
instances of legal intervention that we hear about, this one could work 
in out favor. Better that someone taking advantage of the current 
situation gets paperwork than the rest of us losing out.

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