[mythtv-users] undelete

Andrew Herron andrew.herron at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 23:55:34 EDT 2005

On 29/06/05, Chuck Vohs <fuzzie at vohslaw.com> wrote:
> Well, it appears my kids didn't delete anything.  The tanscoding was
> running and trying to remove the commercials...it ate all my space.

Your data is gone.  The only (easy) way to recover data is if it
hasn't been overwritten, and if you're using a filesystem that
supports it (i.e. I recovered 98% of files after "rm -rf *" in the
wrong folder on reiserfs last year).

In this case, MythBackend expired (deleted) your shows when it noticed
the space running out, and then transcode kept on writing.  I'm afraid
you have lost the data for good.

I turn off the auto-expire for shows that I really want to keep, and
it sounds like you should do the same :)

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