[mythtv-users] MythTV Database problem - Credits.MYI

Korey Fort k.m.fort at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 01:03:06 UTC 2005

Look and see if those entries are UNIQUE inside the table. You may have many
many many duplicates of the same thing on those tables. I'm not sure what
deleting all of the entries and then running mythfilldatabase again would
mean for everything else on the system. 

If you just want to get rid of everything in those tables you could try
DELETE FROM people WHERE name != null;

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I have been having problems with MythFillDatabase taking FOREVER to 
input the records.  This process used to take about 5 minutes, now it 
takes close to 24 hours.

I noticed that my Credits.myi has 14000000 records and my people table 
only has 800000 records.  Is there something going on here?

If I try to list the Credits.myi table it takes forever.

Scott Carr
Documentation Maintainer

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