[mythtv-users] Via Eden with PVR350 was working

Jonathan Moore moorejon at usd465.com
Sun Jan 2 00:22:38 EST 2005

Guess I get to answer my own question :-). After your lead on the logs, and
seeing it work with root, I went back to the howto and looked for every
statement assigning ownership to mythtv. Once I redid the permissions on
/dev/video* it all worked again! Not sure what process led to the ownerships
reverting, but I have managed to do this on two occasions now. At least if I do
it again I will know the cause and fix.

> > This is most certainly a case of not using the pvr350's decoder. The 
> > X-Server is running on the 350? I guess so, otherwise you shouldn't see 
> > the slow video. If this assumption is correct the sound should be on the 
> > sondcard's line-out jack. 
> >  
> > Do you see the line 
> >  
> > Using the PVR-350 decoder/TV-out 
> >  
> Anyone have any idea why my setup would suddenly stop working for the mythtv
> user? 

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