[mythtv-users] LiveTV - blank screen only

Mark Matula mmatula at ratula.net
Mon Feb 28 22:12:15 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, matt freymiller wrote:

> This looks wrong as well.
> > under Utilities/Setup, Setup, TV Settings, Playback:
> >
> > x Use the PVR-350's TV out/MPEG decoder
> > Video device for the PVR-350 MPEG decoder:
> > /dev/video16
> Should be /dev/video0 from the looks of some of the
> other info you gave. Again if you use the pearl tuner
> you will be able to play with all of these settings
> till you find the one that works.

That is incorrect.  /dev/video16 is the DECODER device.  That's that that
setting is for.  If you set that to /dev/video0, your OUTPUT witll try to
write to your tuner.

The PVR-350 OUTPUT on a 1-card system should be /dev/video16.

To the OP, can you get any output from the /dev/video16 device?  Have you
tried the dd if=/dev/video0 of=/dev/video16 bs=64k test?  Do you get output
then?  Chack this thread:

Mark Matula
Mikey, you will be missed:

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