[mythtv-users] HDTV Video card recommendations?

Alex stangage70 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 16:48:48 UTC 2005

Yes - the change to drive product sales...
Of course...  The change is to improve performance and to make things
compatible with newer process technology (driving lower voltages at
higher speeds).
The increased performance is what is intended to drive product sales.
Some external graphics cards are using shared system memory with the
bandwidth afforded by the PCI-X interface.  Some graphics cards are
employing SLI arrangements using the PCI-X interface. It is not just

Of course if you want an older bus, you can go find a PCI video
card...  Matrox made some good ones in those days...

If I had a PCI-X video card, I would probably use one of my PCI-X
motherboards...  I am using a 5200 in a 865 board instead.  Works just
fine (very stable).

However I think using a 915M ("Alviso") based internal graphics (with
built-in TV-out) would be a great choice for a Myth box if affordable
and supported (drivers in the kernel).  The "Centrino" package can
make for a quiet and power-friendly arrangement, and the TV-out
quality is very nice.  This chipset also supports PCI-X.

> > It really sucks that
> > they're changing slots on us again.  You can't
> > convince me that I'm wrong when I claim the industry
> > (Intel) changes bus architecture every few years
> > partly to drive product sales.
> Oh, that's definitely part of it.

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