[mythtv-users] Hard Lockups

Julian Edwards ed at julian-edwards.com
Mon Feb 28 13:22:05 UTC 2005

Maverick wrote:

>How about the lspci output from the email I sent earlier... Any chance
>one of the cards is IRQ sharing?
I've been plagued by system lockups and the X process hitting 100% CPU 
randomly and pulled quite a lot of hair out over it.

I think the basic problem is that my motherboard is buggy (it's a VIA 
chipset, go figure) and I have to take care over what interrupts are 
assigned to what devices.

I've pretty much solved it now by:
- ensure that IRQs are not shared at least between devices that generate 
a lot of interrupts (ie capture cards, network card and gfx card).  It's 
impossible to not have some shared but you can minimise the overlap by 
setting the IRQ numbers in the BIOS for each PCI slot.  I've now only 
got sharing between the major cards and minor devices like the USB 
controller and sound card.
- turn off ACPI

In particular, I've not had a lockup since turning off ACPI.


Julian Edwards

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