[mythtv-users] RE: Failure to connect to remote backend

ebike at paradise.net.nz ebike at paradise.net.nz
Mon Feb 28 02:32:31 UTC 2005

Thanks for the replies:

>Most new packages of mysql have network access turned off by default.
>Check your mysql startup files and make sure that they allow network
>access. On Mandrake (and Redhat, I think) that is set
>in /etc/sysconfig/mysql, but I don't know about Gentoo.

What do I put is this file? The only likely file that I can see is
/etc/mysql/mysqlconfig. Where is thhis documented in Mysql?

> It's in the Mythtv Documentation. I can't remember the name of the file but
>you have to change the bind address from (or what ever it is) to
>your IP. I had the same problem with Gentoo.

Is this change made in the Backend or the Remote Frontend?
I tried both .. but no change. (the file is /etc/mysql/my.conf)

I don't know where in the documentation are you found this, I can not see it

There needs to be a howto on this remote frontend/database issue, there is
very little documented it seems ;-(

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