[mythtv-users] Hard Lockups

Thom Paine painethom at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 01:58:49 UTC 2005

Since installing dual tuners in my machine, I've been having hard
lockups, where I have to reboot by turning the power off and on.

I think this is when I'm recording two shows at one time because I had
two shows sheduled last night, and they were scheduled for the same

I am unable to ssh to the machine, and it doesn't respond to pings.

I have Fedora Core 3, PVR-350, PVR-250, running on a PIII 1GHz with 1G ram.

Is this machine maybe under horsepowered for dual tuners, or should I
explore other options.

I am considering getting a P4 3GHz for my mythbox as I think it needs
more power to do all the jobs I want it to.


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