[mythtv-users] can somebody help !! i'm getting crazy with this...

Pierre Chatel admin at chatelp.org
Sun Feb 27 18:15:34 UTC 2005

I've checked every thing possibly checkable... the entire mailing-list 
archive, even the documentation :-)
I found some other threads related to time offset bugs but i've 
verified each and every solution given and it's not working. My 
/etc/localtime is ok, my settings are ok ("auto" mode in xmltv offset), 
my time settings are ok (gmt -3 on the mandrake server and the OSX 
client)... BUT i'm getting GMT times in my program guide when i launch 
the frontend on the server or the client box.

Also, since i've changed my lineup on directtv i cannot use the sql 
trick anymore: it's destroying the program database ("unknow" programs 

Pleaaaaaaaaase help ! I dont want to buy a MediaCenter PC :-|

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> From: Pierre Chatel <admin at chatelp.org>
> Date: 25 février 2005 13:23:45 GMT-03:00
> To: Development of mythtv <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>
> Subject: [mythtv] time offset and datadirect not working
> Reply-To: Development of mythtv <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>
> Hi,
> 	I'm afraid this mail will be off-topic in this list. But, since i 
> didn't get any help from the mythtv-user mailing list, i thought that 
> developers might be better informed that standard users...
> 	My problem is that i don't get the correct time offset in my program 
> guide using myth 0.17 on a mandrake 10.1.
> I'm using data-direct with a GMT-5 tv lineup since my cable provider 
> in GMT-3 isn't listed in data-direct. My mandrake/backend box is 
> configured with a GMT-3 time-zone so mythfilldatabase *should* correct 
> the gmt times given by data-direct to my GMT-3 time-zone but they 
> appear with a 5h offset, as if i was in a GMT time-zone !!
> I verified with 'hwclock' and 'date', they correctly specify my GMT-3 
> time-zone so it's not a linux configuration problem. I also tried the 
> manual xmltv time offset control from mythtv setup but it's not 
> working either (no effect at all).
> The only solution i found was this dangerous sql query:
> update IGNORE program set starttime = DATE_ADD(starttime, INTERVAL -3 
> HOUR)  , endtime = DATE_ADD(endtime, INTERVAL -3 HOUR);
> (i used a 3 hour subtraction in order to get the GMT tv programs 
> correctly displayed to my GMT-3 time-zone)
> The program guide is now correct BUT now the program recording option 
> is not working correctly (strange behaviors, like i don't see upcoming 
> recordings, date errors,...).
> So how should i correct my time shifting without f***ing the database ?
> Thanks
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