Re: [mythtv-users] Jerky MythTV on a M10000 even with working  XvMC. Help!

Matthew Sullivan matthew.sullivan at
Sun Feb 27 17:51:24 UTC 2005

I'm recording in 480 x 480. I tried to change them around, but=20
unfortunately it had no effect at all, but thanks for the tip.

I've continued to play with the thing and discovered that MythTV will=
playback recorded video just fine, no jitter at all. So the problem i=
only in combination withh record and playback. And as I can watch liv=
TV fine through an iBook connecting remotely to the backend, the=20
problem must lie with the frontend of MythTV on my M10000 box, most=
infuriating as I have 0.15 working perfectly on it!

Stats wise, things look as follows:

Playback of recording is using about 15% of CPU (XvMC must be working=

Playback of live TV, i.e. while recording, CPU usage is Mythfrontend=
15%, mythbackend apprx. 10%, with tons of CPU usage still available. =
processor isnt the bottleneck...

> What=A0resolution=A0are=A0you=A0recording=A0in?

> I=A0do=A0not=A0use=A0XvMC,=A0only=A0Xv,=A0but=A0I=A0experience=A0ex=
> to=A0capture=A0a=A0resolution=A0lower=A0than=A0or=A0equal=A0to=A048=
> capture=A0full=A0resolution=A0(576px=A0pal)=A0everything=A0works=


> /henrik

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