[mythtv-users] I'm getting TV-Out Flicker

Allan McIntosh amcintosh at atreus-systems.com
Sat Dec 31 23:26:54 EST 2005

Jim Duda wrote:

> I have a box which I use to run freevo.  Fedora-core 4 running a 
> 2.6.14 kernel.  Freevo works fine.  I've been playing with Mythtv 
> because it's so sexy looking and I'm thinking about switching.  I'm 
> using the SIS driver (sis_drv.o).
> When I play videos from freevo, using mplayer, or xine, the videos 
> play just fine using the XV video overlay.  I can play them from 
> within freevo or outside freevo and the video is clear.
> However, when I'm not running freevo on the box, the videos from 
> mplayer introduce flicker on the tv-out display..
> mplayer -fs -vo xv -ao oss <somefile>.mpg; created by pvr-350 with 
> ivtv drivers.
> I only get flicker when:
> a) I use the -fs option
> b) freevo is not running
> If I run mplayer -fs when freevo is not running, I get flicker.
> So, it appears that freevo does something to X? or the video driver 
> (I'm using sis_drv.o) to resolve the flicker on the tv-out?
> Does anyone have any ideas which might explain the flicker?  I realize 
> that "flicker" is hard to describe.

When you say flicker, do you mean the playback stutters or pauses?

> I'm not able to cut-over to mythtv until I figure out the flicker issue.

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