[mythtv-users] WinTV PVR-350 - Do I still need a video out card?

Oscar Curero oscar-listas at naiandei.net
Sat Dec 31 15:18:48 EST 2005

A Dissabte, 31 de Desembre de 2005 19:54, Acid Einstein va escriure:
> I know a lot of people have used a 350 in their MythTV setup. I'm currently
> using a 250 with a nVidia based card for video out. I'm thinking of getting
> a 350 and slapping it in the same MythTV box so i can view and record at
> the same time. But if I get a 350 will I no longer require the video out
> features on my video card? Ideally i'd like to remove the nVidia card and
> replace it with something cheap. But i'm afraid the Video Out on the 350
> will only work for watching TV or only within MythTV. I'm hoping it just
> works like any other video card with TV out but when the hauppage website
> states that it requiers a video card with direct draw to function I get a
> little scared.
> Any advice would be great. thanks.

Yes, you can use your pvr-350 like if it were a nvidia card with tvout if you 
install xorg framebuffer driver (or something similar). I'm using it and the 
quality is very nice. :)  
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