[mythtv-users] pchdtv 3000 and channels.conf

Michael Freeman mythtv at mlfreeman.org
Sat Dec 31 11:09:40 EST 2005

I have a generic channels.conf i got from

My issue is getting the bleeping scan wizard to show the "Import
channels.conf" option like all indications say it should for
ATSC cards (which is what it's detecting my pcHDTV 3000 as).

Using dvb-atsc-tools from http://www.pchdtv.com/downloads.html, I was
able to find that channel 104 was one of my local stations (by
capturing a short clip from it).

I just want to import the channels.conf into mythtv (and i'll then use
C104 as a starting point to figure out what else I can get).

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