[mythtv-users] Re: choppy sound & lousy picture

Mike Frisch mfrisch at isurfer.ca
Sat Dec 31 01:47:49 EST 2005

On 30-Dec-05, at 8:27 PM, matthew.garman at gmail.com wrote:

> As for (2), regardless of how I watch TV, the picture is "fuzzy".
> That is, it looks like the reception is poor.  I'm sure the co-ax
> cable and cable service are good, as I can plug the cable directly
> into my TV, and everything looks nice and crisp.

I can't help you with the first issue, but with this...

What is your screen resolution?  Keep in mind that plain old, analog  
cable is approximately equivalent to a digital resolution of 320x200  
(give or take), whereas your PC is probably running a screen  
resolution 1024x768 or better.  Garbage in, garbage out.  The picture  
quality is only as good as the source.  Figure a clean NTSC (ie. from  
a DVD) signal is approx. 640x480 (or 720x480) and it can look  
questionable depending on the resolution it's scaled to.

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