[mythtv-users] Scheduled wakeup acpi-alarm vs nvram-wakeup

Lee mythtv at varga.co.uk
Fri Dec 30 18:44:26 EST 2005

> I did not have any success with the guess-helper script in 
> nvram-wakeup hence the look at acpi again.
> Its just woken up recorded two progs and gone turned its self off 
> using the acpi method.
> I will be documenting this on my website http://www.acaciaclose.co.uk 
> in a few days.
> The bios reboot and reboot might explain why I was not seeing any 
> changes in the bios, but the system
> was happy to wake up in anycase.
Funny enough I was playing with this last week, my Asus NF7 is also 
I tried the guess-helper, but it returned rubbish, so I tried the manual 
method and 15mins
and a load of reboots later, I had config file which looked very like 
the one in the instructions...
I also have the reboot problem, i.e. the wakeup doesn't work without 
rebooting the box first,
but I followed the "more complex, but faster" instructions to install 
the reboot kernel and it works
fine now. Just need to set up all the scripts in Myth now... :)


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