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On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 13:32:54 -0800
Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:

> Rodney D. Myers wrote:
> ...
> > I plan on heading into tonn tomorrow to get an s-video cable
> > nonetheless, but any idea as to what is happening?
> If you are using an external device with it's own tuner and connecting
> it by coax to the tuner of the capture card, the capture card tuner
> needs to remain on channel 3 (or 4 is the other common channel) no
> matter which channel the external device is tuned to. Myth has an
> option for this situation.

a windos solution (aka reboot), and I'm watching live TV.. Go figure. I
don't have a clue on that ;-)

> First, establish if there is an over the air channel in your area
> for three or four. Unless you are midway between metropolitan areas,
> there will normally be one or the other and not both. Set the output
> of the external box to the unused channel. I'll assume you've gotten
> this right but if there is a local channel 3, switch the box to 4.

I live in a rural Southern California area, and behind a hill, so
over-the-air is not an option :-(

> Run mythtv-setup. Go to Input connections and choose the tuner input.
> Select the Video source. Because you don't have an IR blaster and
> script yet, use "/bin/true" and the "External channel change command"
> If you had left this blank, that may have been the problem. If the
> external command is set and you are using the coax tuner input, set
> the "Preset tuner to channel" to match the output channel of the
> external box. The effect will be that when you change to channel
> 23, "/bin/true 23" will return success and the tuner on the card
> will stay on the preset channel.
> You will get a better picture by using s-video. The cable keeps the
> luma and chroma signals separate and only caries video. The external
> box will have red and white audio output RCA jacks. Your card most
> likely has a 1/8" stereo audio input jack. Therefore, you will need
> to get a two female RCA to 1/8" stereo jack adapter along with a
> stereo 2 wire RCA cable for the length you'll need if you don't have
> one already. NOTE: the adapter should have color coded RCA connectors
> (normally red and white) and 3 contacts on the 1/8" jack. There are
> also splitters or combiners with two unmarked RCA to a mono 1/8"
> jack. This is not what you want. The adapter you what should look
> something like one of these:
> http://www.lg-internet.com/catalog/images/CBL%203.5MM%202%20RCA.jpg
> http://www.audiogear.com/Resources/~Adpt2RcfMsm
> When you get the s-video wired up, run mythtv-setup again. Set the
> tuner input video source to "(None)" to disable it. Set the video
> source for the s-video, "/bin/true" for your temporary external
> command, and leave the preset blank.
> --  bjm

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