[mythtv-users] Problems installing PVR150MCE under FC2

James Ayoub jra2003 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 16:17:39 EST 2005

I have 2 40gig(1 for xp, 1 for linux) and a SATA controller card to connect
a 120 and 160gig SATA drives,  my intention is to make the SATA drives the
location to dump all the recordings and it have the basic mythtv and linux
on 1 of the 40 gig drives

Also, how do you complie drivers for a different kernel.  I am completely
new to the linux world so please be patient as I try and over come the
learning curve for linux(not that easy)

Also, when 2.6.10 hangs on loading, it mentions IRQ11 and to do a irqpoll.
Any ideas on how to send the irqpoll cmd to linux during boot?  Also, would
moving the SATA card to a different PCI slot change it's IRQ and maybe
satisfy any conflicts.  The problem is that under winxp, no conflicts exist
with the card in any location.

On 12/30/05, William <wmunson at rochester.rr.com> wrote:
> Ok let me throw this out there. Why not install a standard ide drive and
> use it to hold the os. You should be able to find a small one for next to
> nothing. Put all your myth stuff on the sata drives. As for the drivers you
> might be able to compile your own for your current kernel or you can try
> loading an older version that has a precompiled module.
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> I currently have a Wintv PVR150MCE card in my computer and part of the
> installation includes updating the kernel from 2.6.5 ti 2.6.10.  The
> problem is that I have a SATA controller card and linux will only load under
> 2.6.5 with it.  Under 2.6.10 or a fresh install of FC3 and FC4, the
> computer hangs when it trys to disable IRQ 11.  Is there a way to get ivtv
> drivers working without going to 2.6.10???
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