[mythtv-users] Scheduled wakeup acpi-alarm vs nvram-wakeup

Chris Trown ctrown at safe-mail.net
Fri Dec 30 11:53:38 EST 2005

Petr Stehlik wrote:
> mike choy píše v Pá 30. 12. 2005 v 14:15 +0000:
>>>I wonder if its time to revisit ACPI for doing scheduled wakeups. This 
>>>looks much more elegant to me,
> Mike, that's certainly a great idea as nvram-wakeup is not supported on
> my ASUS K8 motherboard at all! However, after some quick tests it looks
> like my machine does not wake up :-| Any idea?
> Petr

      Neither is mine, directly, however, using the nvram-wakeup-guess 
script, it was able to come ups with a workable config.

      One thing to remember, is that some BIOSs need to be runat bootup 
before the changes will take effect.  Ie: simply changing the values in 
the BIOS is not enough.  The system needs to be rebooted, then shutdown.

      Take a look at the "README.reboot" file.  Should explain it.


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