[mythtv-users] Important information concerning DataDirect's outage

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 11:14:22 EST 2005

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Bruce Markey wrote:
>> Zap2It appears to be suffering some system problems today. This
>> may cause unfortunate problems when running "mythfilldatabase"
> It appears that Zap2It was delivering listings again by about
> 1am PST although the forums at labs.zap2it.com still don't work.
> If you are missing data for Friday (or today), running mfdb
> manually should fix the problem. If you are using SVN, update
> to current for a fix which will verify that the successful
> grab actually has new program data before clearing old data.
> If you have good data today, it may still be a good idea to
> make a backup of your "program" table in case Zap2It's problems
> continue.

interesting.. I have data for today (friday), none for tomorrow (sat) 
from midnight to midnight, and then data starts again at midnight sun 
morning. in a nutshell: saturday is blank.

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