[mythtv-users] No Closed Captioning

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Dec 29 15:05:58 EST 2005

Beny Spensieri Jr wrote:

>I'm in Toronto and I can't seem to get closed
>captioning to appear on either live tv or recordings.
>I have tried cc1-4, double checked the font and closed
>caption settings, but it won't appear.  I have even
>made sure the show is captioned by looking for the
>symbol in the beginning of the show.
>Anyone else have this problem?  Have you been able to
>fix it?
Do you have your captioning format set in mythtv-setup for the capture 
card?  What kind of card do you have?  BTTV software based cards use the 
appropriate /dev/vbi device and PVR-250/350 cards embed the CC 
information in the MPEG file and require a recent version of their 
driver.  If you have software cards and you don't have the CC format set 
in mythtv-setup, you won't get anything.


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