[mythtv-users] Scheduling with 2 tuner cards.

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 08:35:36 EST 2005

On 12/29/05, Darryl Merritt <mythtv at djm.dda.com.au> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a MythTV V 0.18.1 backend with 2 identical DVico DVB-T Plus cards.
> I notice that card #1 gets to do all the recording apart from when two programs overlap, and then
> the second card is used.
> Is it possible to set MythTV to alternate the recordings between the 2 cards? I'm concerned that if
> the antenna cable comes adrift from the first card, all recordings will fail until someone notices.
> I dont use the frontend part of MythTV, I have 2 x XBoxes as frontends and only watch the recorded
> programs, not live TV (I have a DVB-T set top box for that), so it could be a day or so before the
> non-recording is noticed. At least if the recordings are alternated between cards, then I'll only
> lose half the recordings.
> I have a 10 minute extra recording delay set as the default. When a program being recorded directly
> follows another recording on the same channel, the same card is used for both of these recordings.
> At the end of the first recording, the file is closed and then a new file is started for the second
> recording. Most of the time, the first show runs overtime and the last few minutes ends up in the
> first part of the next recording.
> This causes a problem when different people are recording the two shows. I was caught out when my
> show was on first, and the wife recorded the show straight after it. She watched her show soon after
> and then deleted it. I watched my show a few days later and found the ending of my show was in the
> recording of the next show.. which had been deleted. So I missed the ending.
> Is it possible to use different cards for the two shows, each starting early and running over
> according to the default values? These 2 recordings were the only ones that night, so there wasn't
> any other recording pending to force this behavior.
> I found a kludgey way around it by forcing my recording to run 15 minutes over which rescheduled the
> second show onto the other card. Maybe this and part 1 above could be added to the scheduling
> algorithm in the next version.
> Cheers,
> Darryl

   Dunno how to really do what you are asking to do. I've asked before
how to tell which tuner even recorded a show (for debug reasons...)
and no one seemed to know how to do that either.

   On my system, under Manager Recordings, Upcoming Recordings, I see
the numbers 1 & 2 in the right hand column. It has been my guess that
these numbers are telling me which tuner is going to be used. On my
system tuner #1 is not used all the time. It seems, from looking right
now, that on even days it's used every time and on odd days it varies
back and forth between #1 and #2.


- Mark

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