[mythtv-users] MythTV system

Anthony McConnell amnw14545 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 06:07:49 EST 2005



I'm considering putting together a MythTV system based on the following


Silverstone LC16m 



Gigabyte K8N Ultra9 



Avermedia TV tuner Digital PCI Card (DVB-T 771)


XFX Geforce 6600 - 256MB PCI-Express DVI out 



AMD 3200+Venice Core


2 x Spinpoint P Series 250GB SATA II


HP840i DVDRW Lightscribe


1024MB (2x512) PC3200 DDR400



I'll be installing AMD64 Fedora Core 4 and MythTV following Jarod Wilson's


I understand that it's possible to get the iMon remote + VFD (in the LC16m)
to work properly (http://www.harbaum.org/till/twonky/), and that the dual
Avermedia cards are supported.


My question is: Before I commit myself to but this stuff can anybody see
anything that could cause me some serious problems?


And has anybody worked at integrating the HP Lightscribe stuff into MythTV?


Thanks and best wishes for a Happy New Year


Tony McConnell

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