[mythtv-users] Remapping channels

Roland Roberts roland at astrofoto.org
Wed Dec 28 23:53:36 EST 2005

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Ribe <chrisribe at gmail.com> writes:

    Chris> I was thinking that you would use your cable box for one of
    Chris> the inputs and feed the cable directly into the other.

I could do that, but I don't have a ir blaster (yet anyway).

    Chris> Anyhow, you seem to be downloading the wrong channel lineup.

I don't think so....

    Chris> The solution is to download the correct channel lineup.

Like I said, if I feed the input from the cable into the card *before*
the set-top box, the channels are different.  And I don't seem to have
any option from datadirect to map them any other way, which I why I
don't think I'm downloading the "wrong" channel lineup.

On the other hand, I am poking at the channel editor in mythtv...maybe
this does what I want.


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