[mythtv-users] Xbox Remote Replacement with JP1 Remote: really a lircd.conf or irrecord question

CTD ctd at minneapolish3.com
Wed Dec 28 13:55:35 EST 2005

Hello there,

Curious if anyone had reprogrammed a JP1 capable remote, such as the One 
For All URC-6131n,  to provide for more keys than is on the original 
Microsoft Remote.  Using remote code 0522, I can easily get all the 
original xbox buttons duplicated, but I hoped for more functionality.

I think I can figure out to program the remote, but my main question is 
how to configure lircd by updating the lircd.conf file.  Specifically, 
how does one determine  the hexadecimal  data value for a new button 
that was not originally on the Microsoft remote?  For instance when I 
run irw and press normal xbox remote keys programmed into the universal 
remote, I can see that lirc sees all the keys which were mapped in the 
lircd.conf file.  But for enhanced keys that I want to use, irw does not 
output anything as I expected since there are no key-values pairs in the 
lircd.conf file.

I started down the path of attempting to run irrecord, but I get the 
following error:
#xbox:~# irrecord test
#irrecord -  application for recording IR-codes for usage with lirc
#Copyright (C) 1998,1999 Christoph Bartelmus(lirc at bartelmus.de)
#irrecord: could not init hardware (lircd running ? --> close it, check 

I verified that lircd is running.  I figured I would ask for some help 
after investing several hours.

Any help would be appreciated.


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