[mythtv-users] "This is close to an existing cut point" -> missing option

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Dec 28 12:13:18 EST 2005

I was recording a news broadcast for a friend and needed to crop out just
the article she was looking for. I figured I should be able to use the
cutpoint editing to do that without any problems.

However - The myth editing program has an intelligent feature where it
determines if the point you selected is close to another point, and if it
is, it will give you these options:

Move the cutpoint to this location
delete the cutpoint
switch directions

What I wanted to do was "place a cutpoint here anyway" since the video I was
cropping to was only 5-10 seconds long for parts. Does that option make
sense to add? It would have also been helpful if maybe the cutpoints were
numbered, so it could tell me which cutpoint it thought it was close to -
the time-bar across the bottom wasn't very helpful for that, since cutting 5
seconds out of a 30 minute program makes it show up as a very small sliver.

 - Jeff
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