[mythtv-users] Eh - unrequested recording of live TV?!

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Wed Dec 28 11:15:13 EST 2005


Fair enough.

Thanks very much for your comment!  Clears up a lot of things.  Makes a 
lot of sense.  Was away for the last 4 months so this being included 
confused me somewhat :)

Cheers - Piers

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Piers Kittel wrote:
>> Just did a bit of channel hopping last night and just now checked out 
>> "Recorded Programs" on MythWeb and found that the backend recorded 
>> every channel hop I made, something like 30 enteries in the "Recorded 
>> programs" about 1 or 2 minutes each - depends on how long I watched 
>> the channel hop - took me a while to delete them all.  Why would the 
>> backend record all this and how do I stop this?
> Because of all the people who requested the recording of LiveTV (i.e. "I 
> was watching LiveTV for 45 minutes and decided the show was worth 
> keeping, so I hit 'r', but it didn't save the first 45 minutes of the 
> show.  This sucks!!!").
> Search the lists for this issue being discussed ad nauseum--and it won't 
> change (and you can't stop it, short of re-writing a significant portion 
> of Myth in your own personal repository).  You probably want to set Myth 
> so that the LiveTV recording group is not shown in Watch Recordings 
> (should be set by default).  On MythWeb--at least for now--you'll see 
> them.  Chris is busy working through a major rewrite of MythWeb, so when 
> he finishes, he may add support for hiding the LiveTV group (this is not 
> a promise, only a guess of when it may happen if it happens).
> Also, note that from the frontend, you can create a playlist that 
> contains all your LiveTV recordings and delete them all at once.  Or, if 
> you're patient, they will autoexpire.
> Mike
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