[mythtv-users] Eh - unrequested recording of live TV?!

Chris Picton chrisp at tangent.co.za
Wed Dec 28 10:11:12 EST 2005

Greg Estabrooks wrote:

>>schedule, etc.  It would be an absolute ballache to have to delete all 
>>the mini recordings.
> You don't have to. Myth will auto expire them after I think a configurable 
>period of time( a day? )
Can you auto expire them after a second?

My machine is running short on space.  I am always fighting to keep 
enough space free for the next few scheduled recordings.
I have never turned on auto-expire, though as my recorded shows are 
hardly ever rebroadcast, so I don't want them deleted.  Can you set myth 
to only autoexpire a certain subset of your recordings?

>. Plus if at anytime more space is required for a 
>regular recording myth will expire livetv recordings first. 
Will it auto-expire while recording (Ie, if there is only 500Mb free and 
dropping fast, start autoexpiring)?

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