[mythtv-users] Eh - unrequested recording of live TV?!

Chris Picton chrisp at tangent.co.za
Wed Dec 28 09:44:07 EST 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Piers Kittel wrote:
>> Just did a bit of channel hopping last night and just now checked out 
>> "Recorded Programs" on MythWeb and found that the backend recorded 
>> every channel hop I made, something like 30 enteries in the "Recorded 
>> programs" about 1 or 2 minutes each - depends on how long I watched 
>> the channel hop - took me a while to delete them all.  Why would the 
>> backend record all this and how do I stop this?
> Because of all the people who requested the recording of LiveTV (i.e. 
> "I was watching LiveTV for 45 minutes and decided the show was worth 
> keeping, so I hit 'r', but it didn't save the first 45 minutes of the 
> show.  This sucks!!!").
> Search the lists for this issue being discussed ad nauseum--and it 
> won't change (and you can't stop it, short of re-writing a significant 
> portion of Myth in your own personal repository).

This is in my mind a major step backwards in terms of usability.  I 
often browse Live TV to either check the time, or check the upcoming 
schedule, etc.  It would be an absolute ballache to have to delete all 
the mini recordings.

How about an option to say 'Automatically delete live recording buffers 
when changing channels' or something like that.


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