[mythtv-users] Diseqc Switching still not working?

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Wed Dec 28 05:47:39 EST 2005



I am running knoppmyth R5A26. I have a 4 way diseqc switch.

LNB1 is astra 19.2 LNB2 is astra 28.2 and LNB3 is hotbird 13.0.

If I run mythsetup I am not able to scan channels at LNB 2 & 3.

I tried with a Technotrend Budget and a KNC1 satellite card.

If I bypass the diseqc switch I am able to scan the channels.


I searched the user list and I found the following.

DVB, Diseqc and scan


At the end of this discusion Johan had found a solution.


>Hi all 

>I've fixed my problem thx to Arne Varholm. I found some old postings on 
>the dev mailing list about the issue I'm facing so i contacted one of 
>the fellows in the discussion and Arne told me that I could comment out 
>the following lines in dvbdiseqc.cpp 

>if (ioctl(fd_frontend, FE_DISEQC_SEND_BURST, SEC_MINI_A ) == -1) 
>return false; 

>Now it works like a charm. My C++ skills ar very basic and I do not know 
>how to file a bug report (if this is a bug) so that it can be 
>implemented in the source distribution. The code fragment above is still 
>in the CVS. But as i said, my C++ skills are very basic and I do not if 
>one just can remove these lines without disturbing something else 




Does this bug still exist in knoppmyth R5A26?



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