[mythtv-users] myth selecting the wrong sound channel

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Dec 27 21:32:03 EST 2005

William Kenworthy <billk at iinet.net.au> says:
> Ive emailed about this problem before and the help has gotten me a
> little way along - it seems that a number of others have the same
> problem without a solution we can find.
> On selecting a channel, it may (randomly, works sometimes, sometimes
> not) have sound.  A press of the sound channel select ("+") on a
> keyboard brings the sound back.  Worse, this results in some recordings
> being blank, and some recordings losing sound half way through.

My trouble is similar, yet entirely different. Audio on the first
television channel in Live TV is always fine, but when changing
channels, there's a good chance the audio will be distorted, fainter,
and crackly. Before I switched over to ALSA, the problem was even more
peculiar: certain audio tracks would be entirely missing on my
two-speaker, no Dolby decoder system. For example, in the movie
"Alexander" I could hear the clanging of swords in battles but the
dialogue would be so faint I could barely tell there were spoken words
at all. In both situations the picture flickers a little, too, as if
the CPU is spending more time with the audio than normal. Neither
switching sound channels nor muting one channel at a time (as I
previously saw suggested here, I think) does nothing to help, but
exiting then reentering Live TV always fixes the problem (pre- and
post-ALSA). On the other hand, I've *never* had the issue with a
recording, thank goodness.

I am using the ATrpms version on Fedora Core 4 with an Intel HDA
motherboard audio system.

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