[mythtv-users] Hard-lockup in myth....

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Tue Dec 27 20:00:18 EST 2005

Thanks Johan,
	I'll try reverting it tonite and see what happens. 

	As an aside, and in regards to your problem, this driver seems to be
working just fine for my TV-OUT, and I've currently got the VGA and TV-OUT
running in xinerama.  Were you running a custom mode-line or something


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Buzz wrote:
> Thanks for the idea, but I'm not running nvidia driver version 7667, 
> or even 7676. it's a brand new install, and I'm running "NVIDIA Driver
> 1.0-8178".

I had terrible problems with this driver (I never even got to Myth - I
couldn't get the card to send the right refresh rate to sync my TV).

Reverting to 7676 fixed the issue.

> Anyone else got any ideas on my hard-lockup when entering livetv?   
> Ok, how about the best approach to "debugging" it?   (can't attach a
> debugger if system has hard-locked?)
> Buzz
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