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If you can run it from the terminal then you can try writing an expect
script to automate your actions. 
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Being stuck on dial-up, I am trying to automate
dialing up and mythfilldatabase, but I am having

My dialer is kppp, this works great normally, but I am
running into problems with having it run

First I tried to get cron to run kppp, but kppp is not
running and I get e-mails from cron with the error
"kppp: cannot connect to X server"

Then I tried to get mythtv to do it.  On the setup
screen where you can automate mythfilldatabase, I
changed the path to /usr/bin/kppp

I then changed the arguments such that it will run a
specific profile to update the show database and then
close the connection.

It is running it, but kppp gives the error "kppp:
cannot connect to X server" again (in the log file I
set up).

I can't figure out how to get this to work.  I think I
am running kppp as the regular user, mythtv is always
running as so is X.

I can do everything in a terminal window, but nowhere

How can I fix this, running mythfilldatabase by hand
is time consuming.

Thank you,


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