[mythtv-users] Windows and Fedora Core

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 08:06:55 EST 2005

1. Install Windows

2. Boot Knoppix and use qtparted to repartition the system drive --
should be hda1. You need to shrink the ntfs partition to create free
space for the Linux system. qtparted can shrink ntfs
non-destructively. Make sure the ntfs partition is well and truly
defragmented before shrinking. Defragment again. Leave as much space
as you need for both (eg my desktop (80GB HDD) has 30GB  for the MSXP
system (ntfs and fat recovery) and 50 for the Linux FS).
3. Install Linux on the free space. Partition manually: (IIRC) /boot
shold be ext3 and around 1G, swap should by 2x RAM up to around 1G,
and the rest however you like -- eg / 20G ext3, /home 28G xfs. Lilo or
grub can then boot your Linux partition(s) or your MS partition.

The link farther up this thread will help.

Note: Fedora does not read ntfs partitions out of the box -- you'll
need to install something first -- five minutes of Google will tell
you how. There is no easy or reliable way to write to ntfs partitions
-- read only.

Back up all your importan data before you start anything. There is a
chance you will wipe out the entire drive and all the data on it. It
may be worth starting with a (*shudder*) fresh wipe-and-install of
your MS system.

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