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Peter Schachte schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Dec 26 01:08:56 EST 2005

A Desai wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering if there is a way to append the saved positions we 
> have right now. Is it possible to add a few "memory" saves when we 
> save the position? So when we want to start from the saved position, 
> it actually asks us if we want to start at
> 1. 0: 0:13
> 2. 0:10:11
> 3 1:04:20

Sounds good.

Along the same lines, what I would find useful would be for Myth to also 
remember who wants to watch a show, and who has already watched it.  So 
when you schedule a program for recording, you specify who would want to 
watch it (from a list of household members you've preconfigured).  When 
you go to delete a program, it shows you who it thinks wants to watch it 
but hasn't yet, and allows you to remove from the list rather than 
deleting outright.

Similarly, when you stop watching a show and save your position, you 
could be offered a list of household members to tag that position with.  
Then when you start watching a show, it could show you a menu of saved 
positions, with names attached, to select from, or let you start from 
the beginning.  This would be better than choosing based in time into 
the show, because who can really remember whether they were 17:28 or 
23:42 into that episode of "Lost" they didn't get to finish watching 3 
days ago?

The other good thing about remembering who wants to watch what is that 
if you tell it who you are when you sit down to watch TV, you could be 
presented with a list of programs *you* want to watch, with the ones 
you've watched part of at the top of the list.  Better still if you 
could tell it everyone who is in the room, and have it show you a list 
of what anyone there wants to watch, with priority given to the programs 
the most people there want to watch.

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