[mythtv-users] Disabling IRQ

Marko Nurmenniemi marko.nurmenniemi at kolumbus.fi
Sun Dec 25 07:10:25 EST 2005

Brad DerManouelian wrote:

> After about half an hour of watching a video, I get this message.  
> (Xine dies immediately and mplayer continues on for a few minutes  
> more, then eventually dies, as well). It only happens when watching a  
> DVD directly or ripped using either perfect or compressed.
> [root at mythtv log]# cat /proc/interrupts
>            CPU0       CPU1
I had this happen on my server.
Problem I had was related to RAID-5 controllers which were disabled 
after heavy activity.
I'm running a MSI 694D board with two PIII-800 processors.

The fix was to force the IRQ selection off from Fedora with a Grub boot 
Don't know if it helps but this what is working for me.
This is placed to the grub.conf after the kernel string


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