[mythtv-users] why does my mythbackend use 100% cpu?

Andy Foster fostandy at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 18:03:24 EST 2005


This is a problem which I've had intermittently for some time now but it
seems to be occurring more frequently. Every now and then I wake up/get home
from work to find mythbackend eating all available cpu, presumably in some
sort of spinlock. This generally renders the backend unusable (no recordings
during this time), as well as the box in general. A quick restast will fix
it until it happens again.

I don't know when exactly it freezes, and so I don't know where to look in
my logs to figure it out (--verbose all generates a horrendous amount of
logging). My best guess at the moment is poor reception seems to be causing
it, but it's not something I'd stake money on.

So, has anybody else experienced this?

Running 18.1-r2 (gentoo ebuild) and 3 visionplus dtv tuners.. xvmc is
compiled but not used.


ps. - some might ask do I not have better things to do 9am on christmas
morning - well, pressies have been opened, I got a 500gb hdd for the
mythbox, so after a twisted fashion in a twisted way this is christmas
related :)
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