[mythtv-users] DVB subtitles comments

Kim Wall kim at ductilebiscuit.net
Sat Dec 24 17:03:14 EST 2005

Piers Kittel wrote:
> subtitles on E4 (and I imagine, on other channels)
> hasn't been fixed.  Or do I need to do something on my own end?

> http://www.biased.org/misc/mythtv/P1010088.JPG
> http://www.biased.org/misc/mythtv/P1010089.JPG

I'm pretty sure that this is a result of the channel in question being 
transmitted at a lower-than-usual resolution (E4, More4 and the minor 
ITV channels spring to mind) to cram ever more into the available 
bandwidth.  I assume the subtitles are transmitted with absolute pixel 
offsets to specify their position, based on a full PAL image (presumably 
this makes life easier for STBs).

I suspect the blue bar is another symptom of the same thing - my 
freeview STB likes to make green ones on More4 occasionally, and the 
'correct' fix is a bit of overscan.


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