[mythtv-users] cardinput.inputname = NULL

Mike Robinson mike at robinsonhome.org
Sat Dec 24 14:37:27 EST 2005

I've been running version 0.19.20051208-1 for about two weeks now.  I 
was able to watch live TV (to some degree) until yesterday and I'm not 
sure what changed it.  I have two HD-3000 tuners.

When I first set the system up, I could select "Watch TV" and start 
watching live TV as long as there wasn't a recording in progress (even 
if the second tuner was available).  It was annoying, but being an SVN 
version, I let it go.  I could, however, record two programs at once.

As of yesterday, nothing happens when I select "Watch TV."  I took a 
look at the backend log and noticed that it couldn't find the starting 
channel ("11_1" in this case).  I checked my channel settings in the 
database, and verified that it existed.  I then checked the database 
queries in the log, and noticed that it successfully tunes to the 
starting channel, at first.  Then a second query occurs, but specifies 
that the "cardinput.inputname" must be equal to "NULL" instead of 
"DVBInput."  This requirement causes the query to fail.

I can still record with both of the tuners.

Any ideas?

2005-12-24 13:13:59.617 TVRec(2): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2005-12-24 13:13:59.617 TVRec(2): 
ClearFlags(FrontendReady,CancelNextRecording,) -> RunMainLoop,
2005-12-24 13:13:59.617 TVRec(2): SetFlags(AskAllowRecording,) -> 
2005-12-24 13:13:59.617 TVRec(2): Request: Program(no) channel() input() 
2005-12-24 13:13:59.617 TVRec(2): ClearFlags(PENDINGACTIONS,) -> 
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 MSqlQuery: SELECT startchan FROM capturecard, 
cardinput WHERE capturecard.cardid = cardinput.cardid AND 
capturecard.cardid = 2          AND       inputname          = 'DVBInput'
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 DVB#0 Opening DVB channel
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 DVB#0 SetChannelByString(11_1)
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 DVB#0 SetChannelByString(11_1): already on channel
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 TVRec(2): CreateLiveTVRingBuffer()
2005-12-24 13:13:59.618 TVRec(2): GetProgramRingBufferForLiveTV()
2005-12-24 13:13:59.619 MSqlQuery: SELECT channel.chanid FROM channel, 
capturecard, cardinput WHERE channel.channum      = '11_1'           AND 
       channel.sourceid     = cardinput.sourceid AND 
cardinput.inputname  = NULL             AND       cardinput.cardid     = 
capturecard.cardid AND       capturecard.cardid   = 2            AND 
    capturecard.hostname = 'homer'
2005-12-24 13:13:59.619 TVRec(2) Error: Channel: '11_1' was not found in 
the database.
                         Most likely, your DefaultTVChannel setting is wrong

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