[mythtv-users] special keys mapped to alsamixer????

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Dec 24 11:11:05 EST 2005

Danny Brow wrote:

>>>>I will be running mythtv as the
>>>>windows manager in X. Basically, X server starts and then mythtv. So
>>>>what can I use to do this? 
>>MythTV is not a window manager.  If all you run is MythTV, this might 
>>work, but remember that MythVideo and MythDVD call external programs 
>>(i.e. MPlayer, xine, or ...), so you will most likely be running other 
>Um.. you don't need a WM for Mythtv at all, I have this working and it
>works great. With LIRC set up right everything closes and starts right.
>>>>And how can I map the next/prev buttons in mythtv? where do you set the
>>>>keyboard shortcut keys in myth?
>>Once again, it depends on your WM/DE.
>No xhkeys solves this also for me, didn't realized at first that it
>support sending keyboard commands to the windows in focus. Real Nice
The magic words being "windows in focus."  One of the primary functions 
of a window manager is to manage the focus...

>>>xhkeys solves the volume stuff. Still could use some suggestions on the
>>>rest though.
>>Best suggestion I could offer: use a WM.
>Thanks but I don't need one. So basically it works. I'm just going to
>map the xines keys to match up with mythtv keys and presto I've solved
>my own problem.
Best of luck, and when you find you have focus problems (especially 
after using xine), please search the list for all the other posts about 
why you need a window manager before asking why button presses aren't 
going through/windows are appearing in the wrong z-order/whatever...


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