[mythtv-users] Newbie's Hardware any problems?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 02:32:55 EST 2005

On Friday 23 December 2005 20:05, John Andersen wrote:
> On 12/23/05, Dewey Smolka <dsmolka at gmail.com> wrote:
> > All things considered I'd probably go first for WD or Seagate, second
> > for Maxtor. I can't recommend Samsung.
> Well, nowdays (or very soon) Maxtor will BE Seagate...
> I've also had really good luck with the Ex-IBM Hitachi
> drives even tho there was a period where many people
> reported problems with them.  I've never had one
> fail and I use them in production servers a lot.
> The first WD I put in this MythBox of mine was bad
> out of the box, and Its replacement has been
> solid.

bathtub curve, its normal, its why I always stress test all new harddrives I 
have before "relying" on them. My friend just bought two ~200gig seagate 
drives for a raid 1 array in his new computer. One died early, the other 
going strong.

I've had excellent luck with WD's so far, running 5 in various systems. no 
infant death syndromes luckily, and they've all been running great. Great 
price t'boot. I have a few older Maxtor's, one IDS'd got it RMA'd and the new 
one is solid, the other two have been great. Granted, one is a 18GB SCSI U160 
Atlas 10K-III....(man I love that drive).  I've got no Seagate IDE's but I 
have a 70G SCSI seagate thats ~5yo thats been great, I do all my video 
editing off of it, and I'm getting it a sister off my friend, might have to 
raid them...

> If At all possible I like to have two drives, one
> for the OS, and one for Myth and the database.
> That way you can reformat with less hassle.

I have similar, one for the OS and db, one for Myth recordings, 4 or 5 or 
however many I have now for archived/downloaded recordings. Use partitions 
for each important directory and make your life easy when doing upgrades/etc.


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