[mythtv-users] Front End suggestions/help?

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Fri Dec 23 18:31:05 EST 2005

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Hello. I've recently managed to successfully set-up a MythTV box on  
an Intel Celeron 600 MHz box, with 256 MB of RAM (I plan to expand  
this later) and a Hauppauge PVR-150. I'm running KnoppMyth 5A26 on  
the system. I never intended for this machine to act as both front- 
end and back-end, so at the moment, I'm looking into using my XBox as  
a front-end machine.

At the moment, I have four options available to me. To some level,  
I've attempted all of them.

First, is the easiest: XBMC MythTV scripts. At the moment, I'm  
hitting a brick wall with problems with the XBox communicating to the  
MySQL server (some nondescript error). At the moment, this could make  
a satisfactory stop-gap solution, but due to some of the limitations,  
I'm not entirely sure this is the option I want to use in the long run.

Second is the specialized copy of MythTV for XBox (at http:// 
bit.blkbk.com/). However, this project seems long abandoned, and I've  
never been able to get the install script to work quite right (even  
with editing the required Xebian version setting).

Third is the pre-assembled MythTV front-end Xebian disk image (http:// 
thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3397792). I'm having problems setting  
it up. The self-starting mythtv-setup seems to kill X and restart  
after I specify a language. Though, something tells me an X session  
over SSH is the option. I'm having problems getting that to happen.  
This option is perfectly fine for me, but I could use some help. The  
included information was... limited.

Fourth is installing MythTV from source. I suppose I could handle  
this, but any tips or hints with getting the XBox remote to function  
properly (is this even an issue at this point?) or tracking down the  
right debs or things like that would be appreciated.

Out of all of those, does anyone have advice or suggestions on which  
one to go with, or how to make one of them work?

Thanks for all your help!

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